A tribute to seats
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A simple chair is usually an object that most people take for granted. But, as a designer, I've always had a great admiration for these objects and for those who were able to transform them into art pieces.
Some "Chairs" are more than just a chair. Some of them are like a photograph of a certain point in human history. They are a manifestation of craft, technology and ideals.
Here I present my tribute to the seats I love.
The process
The Posters
Introducing… Barcelona chair
By Mies van der Rohe
Introducing… Cantilever S34 chair
By Mart Stam
Introducing… Wassily chair
By Marcel Breuer
Introducing… Bertoia chair
By Harry Bertoia
Introducing… Plywood Lounge chair
By Charles and Ray Eames
Wallpaper available for download.
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