Some context…
COVID-19 took us for surprise. No doubt about it. From an anthropological point of view, this is a very interesting time to be alive. We’re witnessing the first pandemic in a real connected a globalised world. 
This is what we know…
Not too much, to be honest. The World has never experienced something like this. I mean, yes, we had other pandemics, but not like this one. The entire globe is freeze in time due Coronavirus. 
What can we do…
Because everything is being treat like an experiment, we need to act with the greatest of care. Now, more than ever, we have to become a better version of ourselves. We have to support each other, while keeping distance. We have back to basics. To moderate our consumptions. To support small business, artisans, craftspeople, and creatives. And, more importantly, we really have to wash our hands more often. 
As every designer I know, I too have a sweet tooth for Posters Design. 
The process behind these pieces was pretty straight-forward. I know I wanted to communicate something quite direct and yet simple enough to transcend any barrier (linguistically, cultural, etc.)
The sans-serif typeface is direct and it’s in your face. You cannot escape reading it. 
The white soap was precisely selected  because its represent the cheapest and more affordable soap any can buy. Covid-19 is subtle engraved on the soap, also in a sans-serif typeface.
I also created a digital series of posts on my instagram account to spread the word. 

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