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Right now.

As part of the now project I want to share what's relevant right now.
The plan is to keep them up to date every few months, or whenever something become obsolete.

Last update, FEBRUARY 2021

✻ My current gig, Banco Galicia, sent me and one of my colleagues to attend IxDA 2021. We spent —virtually— 5 days listening to inspiring keynotes and debate sessions about how to design in perilous times.
✻ I just joined as a Mentor. I will be giving free 1 on 1 sessions to anyone who wants a conversation about their design career. Click here to book a space to talk with me.
✻ Funny realization: The most amazing design people I know, are often not designers. And the ones who are, they refuse to call themselves designers. I believe that we might need a new word to describe us… or just let it be.  
✻ Still missing my dad.
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