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Right now.

As part of the now project, I want to share what's relevant right now.
The plan is to keep them up to date every few months, or whenever something becomes obsolete.

Last update, November 2022

✻ I'll be participating in a roundtable with other fellow leaders to discuss what it means to lead design in LATAM. Join me in the conversation
✻ Mentoring designers on Click here to book a 1:1 session with me. Free of charge.
✻ I was listening to this podcast and, all of a sudden, John Maeda expressed, in the simpler way possible,  the one thing I always try to explain to my team: 1. To nurture taste before following data, and 2., fail quickly/learn fast kind of approach damage what other people thinks of design. It's better to focus on a fast recovery.  
✻ Everyone can design. That means the design will happen, with or without —properly trained— designers.
✻ On that note, that’s why every human problem is a design problem.
✻ Also, the word Design cannot describe itself. Clearly, it needs design. 
✻ Design is magical in a sort of way. You can change the perception of anything by just adjusting some tiny details. Typography is probably the best example of this. Write a word, any word, change the typeface and you'll experience something different every time.
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