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Right now.
As part of the now project I want to share what's relevant right now.
The plan is to keep them up to date every few months, or whenever something become obsolete.
Last update, September 2020
✻ Currently, Head of User Experience and Branding at Increase.
✻ Finishing a Keynote Lecture about Business and Design (In Spanish so far).
✻ Teaching and having 1:1s sessions with colleagues.
✻ I started to teach "Interaction Design" at one of the best Universities from Argentina. 
✻ Due the lack of insights from LATAM Startup community, I'm having thoughts on maybe it's time to create an alternative framework to InVision's maturity model or the Danish Design Ladder.
✻ AI will prove to be one of design's best allies to digital transformation.
✻ I'm getting tired of the quarantine due COVID-19.