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When you ask a native Scot why Whisky is usually sold in dark colored bottles, he would not doubt to tell you that is to prevent the unsettled depression when the bottle is steadily emptied.

Because, of course, you can't see how much of the Whisky is actually gone…

From the “Great Scotch Whisky” Documentary

Poster nº1


6 Colours — Silk Screen Version

WoodPress Version

There are five regions in Scotland where whisky is produced: The Lowland, Campbeltown, Islay, Speyside and The Highland.


Whiskies characteristics vary from region to region and it is utterly important to know where your favourite dram is.

I always loved the visual poetry that surrounds Scotland and Whisky itself. So I took a special care of every detail in each step of the creative process.

The Author


Poster nº2


1 Colour — Silk Screen Version

WoodPress Version

Scotland is the biggest Whisky producer in the world.

In this Poster I tried to list every single distillery, including the ones that no longer exist. With the recent boom of the Scotch Industry, this Poster might be ended outdated, so consider yourself warned… still, it is a beautiful thing to hang on your wall while enjoy a dram.


There are 100+ distilleries across the whole country. Some of them (quite a few actually) are at least a century old.

All of the classic malt distilleries are present in this image.

This project started due the lack of quality art related to Whisky.

I figured that I was able to do something and decided to act.


Poster nº3

Taste notes

As a designer, I firmly believe that form follows function. So, these posters not only need to be beautiful to look at, but also to serve a purpose: inform, delight and help you enjoy even more a good Whisky.

How well do you know your favourite Whisky?

Do you fancy more the peat of the Islay's whiskies or the subtle fruity notes of the whiskies from Speyside?


As you might know, this is a very complex drink.


Even though the process to create it is quite similar among the distilleries, the location where it is produced and the wood used in the maturation will greatly influence the final product.


It will fair to say that you have to judge every dram individually.

Silk Screen Poster on recycled paper


Poster nº4

The Toast

Our visual journey is coming to an end… So far we learned about Scotland’s geography, where Whisky is made and also how complex their flavours are… so, to make a grand finale, what about a toast?

3 Colours — Silk Sreen Poster



The Parting Glass

Woodpress Finished — Caligraphic Poster

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