Design Manifesto:

Ethics and thoughts have been replaced by trends and the weird thrill for following what is popular. Sometimes, everything points to “Designing for the masses” instead of “Designing for the ideas” as the way to go.

I refuse all that.

I believe in the intellectual side of design and I'm convinced that it's more than a ‘craft’.

Nothing hurts more the profession or the creative industry than working for temporary solutions. Design matters.

A professional with an optimistic view and a original desire to change the status quo is what this business need.

This manifesto represents what I hope for my profession and what I expect from my colleagues:

  1. Design is an intellectual profession.
  2. It has to be honest and clever.
  3. A good designer works for the people and more importantly for messages and ideas.
  4. Every designer must fulfill their creative hunger and aim higher. No matter the cost.
  5. Good designers knows their value and how to sell it.
  6. The job of the designer is to nurture the best idea, avoiding the banality of thinking that the audience is dumb.
  7. Designers must help, respect and acknowledge other designers.
  8. Hard work is key. Talent is not enough.